About Us

As Hermes International Trading, we are continuing our activities to offer our 15 + years international experiences and add value by the provided products and services to our customers, buyers, sellers, stakeholders.

Our primary goal is to ensure that the quality products of Turkish origin are exported to qualified international buyers, as well as importing products that are accepted internationally into Turkey.

By following the innovations related to International Trade, we are working to meet needs both in the national and the international market. In this frame, our country-specific products produced by the leading sectors of our country are included in the Exported Products section of our site, while the high-tech products produced abroad and other qualified products are located in the Imported Products section of our site.

We are marketing and selling the Exported Products in two ways.  The first is to perform marketing and sales by taking the only authorized sales representative in the target market of the manufacturer and the second is to realize the sales by pressing the manufacturer’s own products on the products to be exported. We have multiple brands regarding different sectors.

We are also marketing and selling the Imported Products in two ways. First, we market-sales the products as the sole authority via collaborating companies, which have the distribution channels already. Secondly, we establish the distribution channels of the products that we import, and make them reach the end users or the sales points or the local dealers.

We can export the products you manufacture or import the products you choose, in cooperation both Export and Import, so we can continue our activities in a mutual customer-seller relationship.

But at this point, we have to make an explanation. That is, we do not have a “Broker” activity through our Trading Page, which you are currently reviewing, or directly. In other words, we do not act as a “Marketing / Purchasing Broker” in export or import. You can also find information about market research, target market entry strategy, marketing-sales-dealer-distribution channel creation and similar consulting requirements on our Consulting Page.

To offer you right products, all you need to do is contact us. We strongly believe that we certainly offer one of the products you need.

In that case, Surely, You, as our Stakeholders will be gaining competitive advantages in international markets with our collaboration.

To see you as soon as possible, we wish you successful and prosper business.